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whooopdidooo [Nov. 27th, 2004|06:04 pm]
Bolt HE board regulars


[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |foo fighters - headwires]

So after weeks and weeks of practically throwing up everyday I haven't today!!! wooohoo. And ok I know it's just one day but the state I was in the last few days this is a big freaking deal. Pleased I feel determined not to do it tomo either. See lj for more details. BUT I am all for trying to get as healthy and well as possible before I go back home because I dont want the stress of having to deal with my mum panicking over my eating habits and us arguing over christmas not at all!!! Plus I'm sure that like if I could stick to regular healthy meals and stuff and not bp'ing all the time I'd prob even lose a bit of weight. Not that I really need too and I know I shouldn't but its the truth, all the bp'ing does no good whatsoever as just end up consuming far more than should be. *le sigh*. Anyway just thought I'd come and be all happy about lack of purging today. Try to do the same tomo!! Hope everyone else is doing good xxx